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Our current showcase film covers much of what I enjoy about the power of the moving image. It’s a portrait and the fabulous location draws me in. There is a legacy to this artist’s story, history and method to how he works and what drives him forth. It’s a gentle film, perhaps quite melancholic in structure, but it’s perfectly Johannes. I’m also very proud of this film, for it gained approval from a board of prestigious industry judges and enthusiasts to win bronze at a London digital film festival in Leicester Square. Not quite an Emmy perhaps, but a lot more useful than my scouting badges for excellence in rope play.
An experienced broadcaster, Breathe’s Director of Photography Neale James’ transition to photography and film celebrates a decade of evolution in 2014; “Telling stories in sound demanded reasonably involved scene setting. Now of course, we have the advantage of pictures to support that medium.”
Breathe’s film style is clean and of a simple biographical nature favouring short story narratives, a fit for clients requiring shorter packaged content online. We favour single or small crew shoots for this style of documentary work, revealing a journalistic style.
The company’s commercial curriculum vitae includes time spent heading up broadcast media channels for HSBC, Lloyds Pharmacy, Dixons, Iceland, The Post Office, News International and Vitusapotek, a health radio channel for Norway.
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Johannes von Stumm
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Neale James with Johannes von Stumm