Jim Mortram talks about the Small Town Inertia project

It took me a little time to persuade photographer Jim Mortram to record this piece. I surmised that was probably a result of his work being most definitely about those he photographs and a certain reticence to take the focal spotlight as the man behind the shutter button. Originally it was made as a short documentary film which is still viewable; the link is in the show notes below.

Eventually and perhaps partly because other publications and interviewers had opened dialogue with Jim, he let me into his world and shared his thoughts about this strong documentary long tail project.

Small Town Inertia is photographic social documentary dealing with subjects such as loneliness, poverty, neglect and mental illness. The pictures are made within a three mile radius of Jim’s home in the English market town of Dereham, Norfolk. A carer for his mother, Jim talks openly of his own struggles that lead him to make these photo essays and how many of his subjects or contributors have become friends.

Pictures copyright Jim Mortram, all rights reserved

Small Town Inertia website: https://smalltowninertia.co.uk/
YouTube film: Small Town Inertia interview
Wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Mortram

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