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A different kind of episode today. Firstly, this podcast is not actually an interview with a photographer, but with the widowed wife of. Secondly, it features a guest interviewer; social, street and wedding documentary photographer Kevin Mullins who recorded the piece a while ago for a magazine article that never made print due to the demise of the publication.

So the tapes made for the interview were boxed and stored and like many boxed and stored items, a search was needed to find if they still existed and fortunately they did.

The late James Ravilious took up photography in the early 70s admiring the work of French photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson. He moved from London to Devon with his new wife and started work on documenting the lives of people who lived in the county. Seventeen years and 80,000 black and white images later, he had produced an unrivalled archive of Devonian life, respected and admired by photographers worldwide. This episode is presented by Kevin Mullins with music licensed from Artlist.

Colour pictures of James Ravilious' camera and prints

Pictures copyright Kevin Mullins, used by permission

Main website: http://www.jamesravilious.com/default.asp
Archive website: https://beaford.org/archive
Kevin Mullins F16: https://f16.click/
Music: https://artlist.io/

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