Film MakerFilm is a great tool to play with human emotions and thoughts - Director Maria Tusar

Tom Stoddart is one of the world’s most respected photojournalists. His photographs of conflict and unrest, famine and pivotal historical moments such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the election of President Mandela, and the siege of Sarajevo undeniably shaped and still form public opinion. His book iWitness is one of the most celebrated and very honest accounts of humanity’s struggle with amity, a legacy volume rich with at times shockingly raw and frank pictures of combat and famine. Tom is an acclaimed Getty contributor, yet the shores of Beadnell, a small fishing village in Northumberland is where photography first made an impression upon Tom during his youth.

This was the first in a series of short film documentaries entitled; ‘The Photographers:’ In this short, award winning former conflict photographer Giles Penfound discusses his relationship with documentary photography through a selection of images captured from his time as Head of News Photography in the British Army, through to his personal travels across India.

A collaborative father and son portrait film featuring photographs from professional photographer Mark Seymour. This biographical piece was produced to show how Mark came to terms with his father Ronnie’s dementia diagnosis. It’s a story told through powerful still images gathered with empathy by Mark.

There is a legacy to this artist’s story; history and method to how he works and what drives him forth. It’s a gentle film, perhaps quite melancholic in structure, but it’s perfectly Johannes. At Breathe, we’re very proud of this film, for it gained approval from a board of prestigious industry judges and enthusiasts to win bronze at a London digital film festival in Leicester Square in 2013.

Whether it’s a form of personal catharsis, or an opportunity for the people he photographs to reveal intimate accounts that would otherwise remain behind most firmly closed doors of this Norfolk town of Dereham, 15 miles west of Norwich, Jim Mortram’s chance introduction with photography spawned a documentary passage. Small Town Inertia reveals portraits of people and their stories within a three mile radius of the photographer’s home; an honest and unwavering true work of photojournalism from a man with no other agenda it seems, than to care.

In early to mid 2011 Claire Whittaker elected to have her ovaries, fallopian tubes and breasts removed (subsequently reconstructed), as the result of learning she had a particular gene mutation. She entered a hospital operating theatre, perfectly fit physically but for the unsettling knowledge she carried this mutation, shared genetically through her family bloodline. ‘Not ready to die’ is a delicate empowering documentary short, and our thanks go to Claire for her generous honesty during the production of this portait. You can read more about Claire’s story and the BRCA gene mutation by visiting her incredibly inspiring blog.

The diabetes campaign is one of a series of social media friendly outlets for a series of films highlighting how this condition did not respect falsely accepted myths that it could not affect you, if you lived within some living standards parameters such as good attitude to exercise, youth and an otherwise healthy lifestyle. By showcasing a semi professional athlete, we had a perfect vehicle from which to launch the films.

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