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The promo picture for Cam Neville podcast, the Australian firefighting photographer

Cameron Neville is a special breed of photojournalist. Though he’d be brisk to point out he’s no hero; that those he photographs and the conditions he makes photographs in is what should draw you to his work, Australian photographer Cam Neville has been making news of late for the very real and stark pictures he presents of those in the front line fighting the continent’s ferocious bush fires. Once a studio owner in a fashionable part of Sydney, life took a series of unexpected twists and turns for Cam, which resulted in a move up coast and a project that was about to consume his life both professionally and personally. Cam makes pictures of those who fight fires, the unexpected, twisting, cruel, heartless, ruthless bush fires that rip through whole communities across Australia, but his work doesn’t stop at recording the devastation to property, the bush, people and wildlife, he fights the fires too.

This episode digs deep into Cam’s personal relationships with the fires he photographs, revealing how it affects not just his professional work, but home life too. We find out what kind of equipment is necessary for making pictures in this harshest of climates for a current digital camera, his workflow and what plans he has for the project moving forward.

To see more of Cam’s work or to purchase his limited edition book, see the show links below and as always, please feel free to email with suggestions of future guests – and remember to share!

Colour pictures of Cam Neville's firefighting pictures used in the Breathe Pictures podcast about photography

Pictures copyright Cam Neville, used by permission

The website: Cam Neville
Main fire portfolio: Into The Fire
Portraits: Firefighters
Artlist: The music used by permission and licence 

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