X-Weddings Conference 2018 LIVE podcastFeaturing Kevin Mullins, Patrick La Roque, Facundo Santana, Marianne Chua, Dom and Liam Shaw

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The first episode in this new season of podcasts is recorded on location at the X-Weddings Conference, held in Bath, England. The conference was created by Kevin Mullins, a Fujifilm camera system ambassador. Designed to bring together photographers who use Fujifilm X system cameras, it was an opportunity for likeminded shooters to hear from some internationally known names who are in Fuji’s ecosystem. The half hour show visits the conference and dips into the speakers’ sessions.

Kevin Mullins: https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk/
Facundo Santana: http://www.facundosantana.com/
Patrick La Roque: https://www.laroquephoto.com/
York Place Studios | Dom and Liam Shaw: https://www.yorkplacestudios.co.uk/
Marianne Chua: https://www.mariannechua.com/
Neale James: https://www.nealejames.com/
X-Weddings Conference: https://www.x-weddings.co.uk/
Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
Fujifilm UK: https://www.fujifilm.eu/uk

Photographs copyright Facundo Santana, used with permission

The Breathe Pictures podcast is a new show that’s all about photography, photographers, film making and film makers, in fact anything that involves imaging. Just to give you a taster, over the coming months, we’ll be talking to conflict shooters, those who photograph the royals, underwater film makers, celeb shooters and those at the real sharp end of competition, such as wedding and social shooters – learning how they make pictures, what makes them tick, we’ll unashamedly nerd out a little too. I’d be pleased for reviews of course and if you’re a photographer, film or image maker with a story to tell, I’d be delighted to hear from you through the contact widget in the footer. Enjoy the show.

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